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A modern twist on classic feminine fashion.

We aim to bring out your confident expression and a love for your body as your temple. Our designs are clean, rich in details, shapes and construction and manufactured in Portland Oregon, U.S.A.

We believe that a wardrobe is built of pieces that make you feel interesting, comfortable, and beautiful. Each piece is a timeless creation that draws its value from good design, quality materials, and excellent craftsmanship. 

Some of the boutiques that carry Rose Temple:

*Radish Underground

*Union Rose



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Natalia Sasnow



Originally from Colombia, I grew up in the city of the eternal spring, Medellin. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and there was never a doubt I was to become one too. I graduated as a fashion designer from the university La Colegiatura Colombiana. While still in the university I started a retail business and soon after graduating I started my first clothing line. In 2010 I came to visit the U.S.A for a month that turned in to a Sabbatical year. I fell in love with Portland, OR. and decided to close my company in Colombia and start Rose Temple in the U.S.A. Rose Temple comes from the mix of my grandmother’s name Rosario, and Temple from the respect we should have for our body as the temple we live in.

I love clever designs and the positive effect they create in people. I like to be involved in all aspects of Rose Temple fashion. I enjoy the feeling of flow I get when designing, natural fabrics, technical challenges, and the satisfaction in finishing a piece of clothing. 

I want happy people working on Rose Temple clothing. I respect, celebrate and support what makes us all unique and enriches our lives. 


Natalia Sasnow 

Designer / Owner of Rose Temple Fashion

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